It is the policy of the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to provide timely information to the public regarding DOE/NNSA’s forecast of future prime contracting opportunities and subcontracting opportunities which are available via the Department’s major site and facilities management contractors. This forecast has been expanded to also provide timely status information for ongoing prime contracting actions that are valued in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold. As the largest civilian contracting agency within the Federal government, the Department believes that enhancing the forecast to provide a greater level of advance and up-to-date information pertaining to the Department’s future and ongoing contracting opportunities will substantially improve the nature of and accessibility to the kind of procurement information that is important to DOE/NNSA management, the public, industry, Congress, and other DOE/NNSA stakeholders.

Information contained in the forecast for future and ongoing transactions can be searched and sorted in a number of ways, including by DOE/NNSA contracting activity, state, type of acquisition, and North American Industrial Classification Code. In addition, points of contact are identified for each opportunity that is listed for access to additional information.

The acquisitions that are identified in this forecast are expected to be solicited and/or awarded in this fiscal year and beyond, based on the best information available at the time of publication. All projected acquisitions and associated information are subject to revision or cancellation. Final decisions regarding the extent of competition, socio-economic considerations, estimated value, etc., will not be made until each acquisition is formally initiated. The data and information that is contained in this forecast should be considered for informational and planning purposes only – it does not represent a pre-solicitation synopsis, nor does it constitute an invitation for bid or request for proposal, or a commitment by the Government to purchase the described supplies and services.

For specific information on doing business with the DOE/NNSA, including obtaining specific information regarding public announcements on initiated acquisitions, registering to receive a solicitation and submit proposals for specific transactions, and obtaining information and guidance on the Department’s acquisition and financial assistance award processes, you are encouraged to visit the Department’s FedConnect and FedBizOpps.gov.