This is a Federal Government System hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy
Department of Energy Operational Systems Rules of Behavior
In accordance with the Office of Heath, Safety and Security (HSS) Circular A-130, Appendix III, the following "rules of behavior" for the U.S. Department Of Energy HSS Systems is hereby established.
1. Assignment and Limitations of System Privileges: The privileges and quotas provided to you [the User] are adequate to perform the normal functions associated with this account. The user access and roles are documented in the user manuals.
2. Connection to the Internet: Access to and use of the Internet will only be for official purposes in the conduct of your duties. Electronic communications facilities (such as e-mail and Netnews are for authorized Government use only. Email will only be used for official purposes and will not be used to transmit the following information:
a. U. S. Government or corporate credit card numbers
b. Designated Sensitive Data
c. Risk Assessments
d. For Official Use Only information
e. Privacy Act Data
f. Proprietary Data
3. Disposal of IT Resources: Disposal of IT resources shall be in accordance with Current HSS or DOE policy and direction. At a minimum, fixed media will be erased prior to transferring the IT resources or designating the resource for excess.
4. Individual Accountability: IT resources will not be used for fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials. Tampering with another person's account, files or processes without the other person's express permission, use of the system resources for personal purposes, or other unauthorized activities is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Logon ID's and passwords may never be transferred or shared for any reason. Active logons should never be left unattended. Workstations will be paused when unattended for short periods of time (less than 30 minutes). Do not logon to more than one workstation/terminal unless you can keep each of them under constant surveillance. Personally owned, provided or downloaded software may not be installed. Classified information will not be entered into the computer system. When access is no longer required to these IT resources, notify appropriate responsible parties and make no further attempt to access these resources. No IT resources will be removed from DOE without a property pass from the property custodian.
5. Limits on System Interconnection: System interconnection is under control of the OCIO. Any changes to the system interconnections require an approved Engineering Change (EC).
6. Proper Use of Copyrighted Software: Licensed software will only be used in accordance with the license. All software on the computer system is protected in accordance with DOE and Federal Government security and control procedures, which will be adhered to.
7. Reporting of IT Security Incidents: Any unauthorized penetration attempt or unauthorized system use, or virus activity will be reported to your supervisor for appropriate disciplinary action.
8. Restoration of Service: Restoration of service is the responsibility of the Technical Manager with the support of the Operations Engineer and the System Administrator.
9. Unofficial Use of Government Equipment:
a. The computer system you are operating may only be used for official purposes in the conduct of your duties.
b. Use of the DOE systems for other than official U. S. Government business is a violation of federal law. Use of these information technology (IT) resources gives consent for monitoring and security testing to ensure proper security procedures and appropriate usage are being observed for Center IT resources.
10. Facility Considerations: Challenge anyone in the computer facility that does not have an appropriate Badge. Rooms with workstations or terminals must be locked after normal working hours except when such workstations or terminals are located in continuously manned Operational areas.
11. Consequences of Behavior Inconsistent with the Rules: Failure to adhere to these rules may constitute grounds for termination of access privileges, administrative action, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.

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